Couples and conflict

Depression as a cause of lost time at work recently prompted the Government to gain an understanding of the causes for that increase, and the finding that depression is frequently attributed to relationship problems led to the establishment of the IAPT (Increased Access to Psychological Therapies) Couples Counselling service. At Start Making a Difference we offer the IAPT service and have experience of working systemically with couples to help them develop a shared understanding of the causes of the depression and the relational changes needed to combat it.

The work involves:

  • Creating a confidential blame free environment for tackling difficult relationship issues
  • Checking out and listening to both parties perception of problems
  • Helping both parties to hear and understand the perception of the other
  • Working through difficult truths and emotions
  • Building a shared understanding of what is achievable and possible options
  • Developing strategies and actions to move the relationship towards joint objectives and acceptance

Board workshops

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Hellen Keller