Interactive Power Workshops

Start Making a Difference works with hand-picked partners to develop topical workshops that reflect and anticipate business needs. Our work includes internal performance improvement sessions and business development workshops through to helping Board Directors meet the increasing challenges of setting the strategic agenda, minimising risk and protecting shareholder value while scrutinising major decisions.

Our interactive sessions are intensive, focused and designed to engage participants and stimulate new perspectives. Alongside guided discussion, our workshops provide a safe environment in which to experiment with new ideas while sharing best practice.

We focus on “doing” rather than "chalk and talk" or imparting "expert" advice. Our energy and innovative exercises inspire learning and, where necessary openness to change. The inter-group relationships that develop during this immersive process are also valuable in terms of breaking down internal barriers, future networking and mutual support.

A Start Making a Difference customised interactive power workshop typically involves:

  • Expert facilitation
  • Identifying objectives and outcomes
  • Developing an agreed sense of purpose
  • Energetic and focused activity
  • Shared feedback and learning
  • Accountable group action plans
  • Personal/group development plans

Leadership teams

Never be afraid to do something new. Remember amateurs built the Arc; professionals built the Titanic