Improving organisational health

The health of an organization is determined by staff commitment to and shared belief in its vision and core values. Healthy organisations demonstrate their commitment to delivering innovation and success through open communication and collaboration. While the majority of companies claim that “our people are our most important asset” only a minority actually demonstrate a commitment to proving it by undertaking meaningful health checks that measure relational responses to engaging with core values, developing helpful behaviours, improving openness and performance while managing external forces.

Health checks are particularly valuable for organisations that foster highly competitive environments and have high barriers to entry where employees and contractors are rarely open about personal and professional concerns in case they are regarded as weaknesses

At Start Making a Difference we help organisations pay attention to organisational health and manage the human dimension of operational risk by:

  • Building customised health checks that can be incorporated into existing staff and management surveys
  • Analysing and making meaning of a combination of quantitative and qualitative outputs
  • Developing learning outputs from what is done well
  • Building coaching based remedies to unpick and reverse negative thinking and behaviours
  • Providing regular and evolving measurements of effectiveness.

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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi